I’ve been trying to give Sanditon a chance. I’ve been trying for FOUR WEEKS. And in those four weeks, I’ve been made to feel very lied to by the production staff.

There isn’t really a story to follow in the “main” videos- just the mayor being a douchebag. It’s not like he can actually change Sanditon Scoops into Clara’s Juice Bar without massive legal action taking place.

In the “extra” videos, which still are labeled as part of the episode list, we’ve gotten two recipes and two videos from fans over at the Domino portal.

You said we could follow the story in the main videos. You said the twitter and other transmedia were extra. This is clearly not the case. Catering to such a small percentage of your fans is a BAD IDEA. I’m not the only one who feels unwanted by the creators.

So, this is my compromise. I’m not going to actively avoid the videos, but I am putting my adblock on. If you’re going to actively avoid giving a full story to the people who don’t do all the transmedia, despite telling us that we would get a full story regardless of immersion level, you clearly don’t want the revenue from my adviews.