UK-based artist Robin Wight uses stainless steel wire to form stunning, dynamic sculptures of winged fairies dancing in the wind.

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This has been a terrible month for writing… though mostly that’s because we’re back in our (sorta) hometown where all our friends and family are and because we’ve had vacations and weddings and all sorts of fun things.

But I could really use three straight days of nothing where I can settle in with a glass or three of moscato and make my inner critic shut the hell up so I can write something.

Maybe next week. Hopefully this cold will be gone by then (chances of cold being replaced by death cough: 95%).




Holy crap are these for real? Avengers Civil War, Black Panther AND World War Hulk? Also, Inhumans? Doesn’t Inhumans mean we get Fantastic Four back to Marvel Studios too?

Though, severely disappointed that I’m not seeing my Carol Danvers movie…

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ButWhy do they hurt? 

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Why not a Darcy POV book? We could have gotten conversations with Gigi and Fitz and Bing and Caroline. We could have expanded on so many more characters!

With Lydia, we get… Mary. Maybe.

A Lydia diary is probably going to directly contradict most of Lizzie’s, because of the way the Lizzie/Lydia conflict is written in the first place.

Lizzie was a good sister. Lydia was objectively not (even taking into account Lizzie as an “unreliable narrator,” which doesn’t mean what most people seem to think it means). Lydia did a lot of irresponsible and illegal things.

In the videos and first novel, they show us Lydia rejecting Lizzie’s loving sisterhood, but tell us that it’s Lizzie’s fault. That’s enough to give a viewer/reader whiplash.

If you want to make Lydia sympathetic, you need to demonize Lizzie. Except Lizzie didn’t do anything wrong.

Book 2 is confirmed from Lydia’s POV?

Ugh. No. I get that the vocal minority is in favor of this, but Lydia went from annoying but interesting to infuriating, melodramatic, and awful, and the way her story was written was trite, forced, and cheap.

Badly done, Bernie. Badly done indeed.


Kind of obsessed with this brilliant webseries right now - a vlog adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing in NEW ZEALAND (what more could you want!) - and I was kind of desperate to make fanart right away, sooo… Please go check it out on Youtube, friends. (If there are any inaccuracies, I apologize - we lost power and I had no reference for like 60% of making this :(()

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…if this is a shirt (or becomes a shirt), I want to know and I want one. Yes.


Kind of obsessed with this brilliant webseries right now - a vlog adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing in NEW ZEALAND (what more could you want!) - and I was kind of desperate to make fanart right away, sooo… Please go check it out on Youtube, friends. (If there are any inaccuracies, I apologize - we lost power and I had no reference for like 60% of making this :(()

…if this is a shirt (or becomes a shirt), I want to know and I want one. Yes.

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After other vlog adaptations of classics, I gotta say… I am SUPER impressed with Nothing Much to Do. The acting is very organic- all the melodrama is in teenagers being teenagers and not overplayed for angst and feels. The adaption is working out well (can I just say that the wonky aspect ratio in Dogberry and Verges’ videos is a touch that delights me to no end? it’s fantastic!), and I’m really, really interested to see how they’ve chosen to adapt the whole climax of the play. 

I love the play, but it gets SUPER problematic, especially in our modern times. I’ve been impressed enough by the ongoing videos that I am excited and not dreading seeing how it’s adapted!

And the professional behavior of the team is just leaps and bounds ahead of others. This is how you do it. Respectful responses to asks, no tearing down fan opinions… It’s refreshing and lovely to see. Grats, candlewasters. You’re pretty amazing!







plz can we get rid of clara i-fancy-the-doctor-thats-literally-it oswald

plz can we get rid of only-judging-female-characters-by-their-relationships and female-characters-can’t-have-romantic-interests

i’m sorry, but did you see the clara arc so far? THAT’S ALL THEY’VE REDUCED HER TO!! she’s just a love interest to distract from losing the ponds and to fill the space made my river missing and she fancy’s him and she was “born to save the doctor” her first two episodes were ok but then it fell to pieces
the OP was just requesting we make her into more than what she is which is not a good character and frankly has been done before

No, I’m sorry. You’ve failed to look past Clara being just a love interest. Not a good character? NOT A GOOD CHARACTER??? She’s probably the best companion in new who and definitely a great role model for young women in high school/college. Lemme tell you a little about Clara Fucking Oswald:

We’ve had half a season with her. Half. And we already know a shit-ton about her. She was born in 1989 by Ellie and Dave Oswald. On March 5th, 2005 Clara’s mother passed away. This has an effect on the kind of person she is. Clara is the person who is ‘always losing things’, and at 16 she has to deal with the loss of her mother. Later when she’s got a degree from university, she becomes a fulltime sitter for the Maitland children because, just like her, they don’t have a mother. She used to never follow what her mother told her (i.e talking to strangers), but now that she’s older we will notice that she most always follows the Doctor’s rules and never wanders off. It’s the Doctor who tends to wander off and leave her behind. Clara is afraid to get lost (again, ‘dont wander off’). Clara is fucking amazing with children and is very observant of people.

Clara is definitely a people person, and intelligent (not with technology, though). She is brilliant and fantastic and won’t take no shit from anybody. Her life does NOT revolve around the Doctor at all, and she makes efforts in separating her normal life and adventures with him. She’s independent of him.

In the Rings of Akhaten, we see that Clara was holding on to her past with her mother and in order to save some planet she knows nothing about, she finally lets go of this past and also the potential future she never had with her mother. That’s a big step for a person, and at that moment she is also being a role model for the Doctor, that we shouldn’t dwell on the past and on the people we love and pine for the days that never came. We should appreciate the moments we had and move on in our lives. The Ponds have a strong hold on Eleven, and Clara definitely helped him cope with his loss.

When the Doctor was trapped in the pocket universe, she didn’t force the TARDIS to go after him, she convinced her to do it (unlike a certain needy someone who tore apart the console room to get back to him).

Clara quickly establishes where she and the Doctor stand. She immediately knows that he is a lonely person and she even tells him that she’s not some fill in for whatever person he’s lost.

Clara is independent enough to tell him that and to also restrict their adventures to just once a week. Because unlike a lot of other companions, she values her normal life and cherishes it. She knows she has responsibilities at home and she plans to keep them up.

Clara rides a fucking motorcycle how much more badass can you get???

One of the most realistic and coolest things about her is that she doesn’t just up and leave her live to ‘run away with the Doctor’. She takes some time to even consider his proposal. And why? Because Clara doesn’t need the Doctor. In fact, it’s the Doctor who needs her. He all but obsessed over her because she’s ‘the only mystery worth solving’. But the Doctor pretty much gets a turn around because in the end the “Impossible Girl” isn’t so impossible after all. Clara had never been destined for greatness. She was never some ulterior motive/sentient being/goddess/the most important person in the whole universe. Clara was the most normal person and when she saw the Doctor dying a thousand times and saw all the stars going out she jumped in his time stream with literally nothing but the clothes on her back and died for him a thousand times so he could live and so the universe would be okay. Did Clara have to pry open the TARDIS and become something of a goddess? No. Did she absorb Time Lord tech into her brain like Donna did? No. When she jumped in his time stream, she knew that she was never gonna live through it. She was going to die and she accepted that.

By merely speaking to the whole of Gallifrey through a crack in the wall in the universe, not only did she save the Doctor’s life for the thousandandfirst time, but in doing so he was given a whole new regeneration cycle. wow wow wow wow wo w

Here’s a thought: Clara saved Gallifrey, not the Doctor(s). Had she not been there, the three of them would have pressed that big red button and Gallifrey would have been lost forever. But Clara stopped him, just for one small moment, and reminded him his name, the Doctor, and just what it means to have that name.

Here’s a post listing all the wonderful things we know on Clara and you should probably want to read it, especially if you still can’t get over the “shes-stil-a-love-interest” hump.

OP and responder got blown the fuck out.

A lot of the hate Clara gets seems to be because she’s too feminine.  Which is kind of understandable because she’s the companion during the season when the show has had the most other problems with sexism so being the most feminine companion of New Who becomes more of a problem than it would be in the context of a season not otherwise beset by gender issues.

But it still leads to the fandom hating on a female character for having too many feminine traits and dismissing her accomplishments because she’s not overtly badass about them.

Even though Clara isn’t my favorite, I was with that takedown…

right up until they started tearing down other companions to try to make Clara more awesome by comparison.

Love Clara! Just don’t piss all over Rose and Donna in the process. They are ALSO good characters. They are just differently awesome. Throwing shade at ladies to make your fave lady stand out is not cool.


Oh no I kind of ship Pedro and Beatrice. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Never fear, you aren’t alone! There has always been a part of me that ships Don Pedro and Beatrice in all productions of Much Ado!