Anonymous asked: Caroline mentions she can't focus when outside the office in an episode, and one of her early tweets mentions 'working' and 'spreadsheets'. I'm under the impression she does something besides coasting on her family's money, too.

I thought that there was a good reason for me to think she was employed. Thanks, anon!




Trying to get the logic of this story. Who pays someone they apparently hate, to do NO work? And they uninvite Harriet because …? Like E. picks on Harriet in the novel because she’s…

I never got the impression, either in LBD or EA, that Caroline was any sort of businesswoman. I got the impression that she was a socialite coasting on her family’s money.  A person with a business would be at an office trying to keep that business going, but in LBD she was just following her brother around. 

Now, in P&P, that made sense — Caroline was an unmarried woman, so her options were limited to living with her brother, or living with her parents.  But in a modern world, if she was a businesswoman, shouldn’t she be in some city full-time where she can rustle up clients and have access to her probiotic organic produce and shade-grown hemp lattes?

That was my impression of her actions, too, but they did say that Caroline’s job was a spoiler, so I was under the impression that she had a job. (And since it was so important to her that Bing be a doctor, I assumed- for right or wrong- that meant she was in something that was also fairly prestigious.)

And it’s not like they got anything about being a med student right, so for Caroline to be jetting around with Bing doesn’t actually mean anything about her employment, I think.

Trying to get the logic of this story. Who pays someone they apparently hate, to do NO work? And they uninvite Harriet because …? Like E. picks on Harriet in the novel because she’s socially vulnerable. Just. Zero understanding of context.

Yeah, if you hate someone, wouldn’t you want them to do all the work? Or pointedly hire someone else to rub it in the hated person’s face that you think they’re not worth paying? Or trash them on Yelp? (Augusta Elton seems like the kind of person to make up bullshit Yelp reviews for people she hates for no good reason.) But Caroline Lee doesn’t have time to be that petty. Isn’t she supposed to be a businesswoman? Shouldn’t she be running something and making gajillions of dollars?

Through everything going on, I keep telling myself that I don’t even like Caroline Bingley or Caroline Lee, really, so I shouldn’t care about this.



I actually really love the pictures from the engagement party- Caroline looks relaxed and happy and gorgeous.

Caroline Lee/Bingley moving on after her hopes for Darcy were disappointed and being polite to the Bennets is nice! It’s essentially what we’re told in the book.

Caroline being happy to have her fiance and her brother in her life is great!

…Caroline being Augusta is just super weird and awkward and uncomfortable, and doesn’t fit with the woman in those pictures. I’m having a hard time reconciling Caroline Lee from LBD with Caroline Bingley, and an even harder time reconciling either woman to Augusta Elton, the Cruel and Uppity.

Sure, Caroline was never a warm, kindhearted person like Jane, or a personable loudmouth like Lizzie. But she wasn’t overtly a jerk…



I hate it when writers of love stories go out of their way to tell me There’s No Such Thing As Fairytale Endings In This Sad World.

It’s like, yes, thank you for that depressing, cynical slap of reality, it is totally why I read love stories in the first place. I am truly wiser for hearing it and repent of my silly romantic notions.

(Oops, no I don’t, screw you.)

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Who is this artist? **

Mead Schaeffer!

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i just recently watched the BBC series The Musketeers. I enjoyed it so much, than i couldn’t resist to draw them !The casting it’s just too perfect and it made me realize one day , i really want make an adventure story with strong characters (cape et d’épée as we say in french) like the musketeers !

anyway hope you like them…but i really have fun to draw this characters :D

Full disclosure: I never liked Caroline Bingley and I wasn’t too fond of Caroline Lee.

But! Both of them are classier, more polite, more fashionable, and more fabulous than Augusta Elton.

As long as I keep thinking that it’s just the same actress in a different role, I can do this, but that’s so not Caroline Lee that I could almost scream. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.




"What they don’t understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one." -Sandra Cisneros, "Eleven"

Oh no this is super adorable

I finally stopped to take a closer look at this and oh my GOD this is amazing.

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Reblog with your computer/laptop’s name













Hyrule Castle







Emily’s Computer.  I’m so embarrassed.

The laptop is Elphaba. The desktop is X, as in MegaMan.

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